Monday, May 28, 2012

Legendary Lore-master

I ended up following the epic quests around through most of my forties, and I started Volume 2: the prologue to Moria as soon as I turned 45 per the advice of some kinmates.  These being level 50 quests provided some challenge, but they are doable with a little care, and the rewards, including your first two legendary items, are well worth it.

I found the base of the legendary item system, leveling up your weapon, using points to rank up it's special attributes, to be simple enough and fun, but I think the real complexity and grind will come with deconstructing and such once I am actually into Moria.  I'm reserving judgement until then.

I was also lucky enough to finish collecting all of the pages for my first three legendary traits with all of my running around, and I used the need to level up my new legendary items to grind out the stuff I needed to complete my legendary class quest that I also started at 45.  I spent some skirmish marks on the last round of items that required boss kills in some level fifty instances or a chunk of gold on the auction house.  I've been enjoying the eagle, but I completely understand why some folks don't use him.  For now, I think he is a strong choice, but I think that once I have more AOE capability I will find Ents Go to War much more useful.

All this excitement aside, by far the most fun I've had has been the night I spent in Goblin Town with some very helpful and skilled Kinmates.  That place is sooooo huge, but full of challenge and intrigue.  I highly recommend delving its depths if you ever get the chance.

Until next time, happy hunting!


P.S.  I think I'm going to start taking screenshots with fraps, the lotroclient seems to go to an extreme with compressing them.

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  1. Oh, I love that cave drawing in Gollum's cave as well. I remember that I was so excited when I found it for the first time!

    Grats on all your lore-master achievements, those legendaries are pretty epic. Don't disregard the eagle just yet, that big bird does have a place, also in end-game (situational). Its flanking ability, eagle fear, rez and auto-interrupts can be great at times. For normal solo-stuff you can of course be fine with Ents, that's a lovely skill too. And if you don't trait fully into one line, you can always pick both. :) Have fun exploring your new skills!