Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dwarven Detour

I decided to catch up on the epic story before hitting Forochel too heavily, and this eventually brought me to the  Misty Mountains.  I didn't expect to enjoy this zone, but it has a lot of character despite being a collection of snowy peaks and valleys, so I have remained there killing goblins and snowbeasts.  I've been told that the questing here has some level gaps so I will return to Forochel once I happen upon one of those.

Knights of the White Lady has monthly Kinship meetings on Sunday evenings, and I was able to attend my first one this past weekend.  It isn't an extensive or rigid affair, a time to gather and enjoy new outfits, furniture in the kin house, discuss upcoming events, promote new members, and recognize particularly helpful folks.  I found that it's real value lies in the face to face (virtually :) ) connection that comes with all of us gathering in the same place just for the sake of it.  It is a bonding experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I'm off to collect legendary book pages and pick out an outfit for the Spring Festival!

Happy Hunting,



  1. What I did about Misty Mountains was to just leave the more difficult quests behind to do at a later point. I like the snowy look of it, thought it felt quite lonely most of the time, with so little civilization. But then that's also the beautiful part of the game: you crave to go back into Bree and see lots of people and safety after some hours out in the wilds.

  2. Welcome to the NBI! Keep up the good blogging and we'll keep reading!