Monday, May 7, 2012

Knights of the White Lady

Mae govannen interwebs!

I was accepted as a recruit into the Knights of the White Lady Kinship on the Landroval server in LOTRO today.  I'm excited to be giving LOTRO some serious effort and time and equally excited to get to know this group of people.

I also grabbed the Rise of Isengard expansion for half off today.  I know, how could I pass that up.  I will definitely be finishing up the Lone Lands and moving on into Evendim with my three days off this week.  I'm not sure where to head after that, but I'm sure my new Kin can help me out there.  I don't really feel the need to go VIP at this point as I have a lot of content unlocked from past years purchases and Turbine points to spare, so it looks like I can easily get all the way to 75 on the content I have.  I don't have any interest in PvMP, and not having rest xp isn't noticeable to me.

I'm focused on my Loremaster, Aeldrin, for the foreseeable future, but I went ahead and started a Captain, just so he could participate in festivals and maybe hang onto some crafting materials.  I'd probably be romping through Moria by now if not for the distraction of the anniversary festival, but I've had my fill of fireworks for a while.

Next time I promise screen shots and my first time impressions of the new and improved Evendim.

Happy hunting,


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  1. Hey there, and welcome to blogging from a fellow NBI newbie. :D

    I hope you'll have fun in your new kin. You certainly picked the right class the focus on!

    - A fellow lore-master enthusiast ;)