Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aeldrin, Warden of Annuminas

Evendim was amazing!  Beautiful scenery, interesting content, intelligent quest progression, and very satisfying rewards made for one of the best leveling experiences I've ever had in an MMO.  I easily reached kindred with the Wardens of Annuminas, obtaining the title of the same, and had plenty of rep items left over to give to kinmates.  As my trait slots open up and my character customization and development progresses, I'm enjoying the loremaster more and more.  I've reached level 41, and I've unlocked the deeds to gain pages for my first legendary traits.

I still haven't spent much time actually playing with my fellow kinmates, though they continue to be a great group of people to chat with and get to know. I'm entering a level range with a lot of options and one in which I've noticed kinmates frequently have alts in, so I am determined to just break my solo/independent habits and just jump into something with a group soon.

On the leveling front, I plan on heading into Forochel.  From what I've gathered, it has solid solo leveling progression and pretty scenery. I enjoy both of these things.  Eregion will follow to wrap things up before I head into Moria, but I do have the Misty Mountains available for the next time my kin heads into Goblin Town for some group fun.

This is an exciting time for my character, quests are getting more epic (particularly the epic story quests huehue), and legendary traits and items are just around the corner!



  1. Looking good! Probably need to get the screenshot in line, but other than that, I like your layout and theme.

    I haven't played much LOTRO. Does it really look that good even now?

    1. Thanks for you comments.

      The environments in LOTRO are beautiful,especially with high res textures and DX11, but the character models and animations are starting to show their age. However, I find them palatable enough that they don't detract from the feeling of actually being in a world that LOTRO can deliver.