Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lotro Troubles and Other Adventures

Technical difficulties have kept me from Middle-earth, but I'm hopeful that my fresh install will solve my crashing problem.  I've kept in touch with my Kin via our website, but I'm anxious to bash some fresh orc skulls soon.

In the meantime I have a few milestones in other games.  I just cleared normal difficulty in Diablo 3 with my barbarian.  This isn't my first clear, but I play my main Monk with a friend that has been busy with multiple jobs lately.  The barbarian has a great feel too it.  The reverberations of your abilities and the mess you make of hordes of enemies is very satisfying.

I also hit summoner level 30 in League of Legends after over a year of casual play.  I'm a person that avoids pvp in MMOs, Eve Online aside, but I really enjoy a good contest.  Fighting games are fun, but the added element of team play offered by MOBAs really sucks me in.  I even spend a lot of time watching pro tournaments and such.

Hopefully next week I'll have a tale of goblin skewering and elf song (reading The Hobbit for the first time to get my tolkien fix in the mean time.), but until then,

Happy Hunting!