Monday, May 28, 2012

Legendary Lore-master

I ended up following the epic quests around through most of my forties, and I started Volume 2: the prologue to Moria as soon as I turned 45 per the advice of some kinmates.  These being level 50 quests provided some challenge, but they are doable with a little care, and the rewards, including your first two legendary items, are well worth it.

I found the base of the legendary item system, leveling up your weapon, using points to rank up it's special attributes, to be simple enough and fun, but I think the real complexity and grind will come with deconstructing and such once I am actually into Moria.  I'm reserving judgement until then.

I was also lucky enough to finish collecting all of the pages for my first three legendary traits with all of my running around, and I used the need to level up my new legendary items to grind out the stuff I needed to complete my legendary class quest that I also started at 45.  I spent some skirmish marks on the last round of items that required boss kills in some level fifty instances or a chunk of gold on the auction house.  I've been enjoying the eagle, but I completely understand why some folks don't use him.  For now, I think he is a strong choice, but I think that once I have more AOE capability I will find Ents Go to War much more useful.

All this excitement aside, by far the most fun I've had has been the night I spent in Goblin Town with some very helpful and skilled Kinmates.  That place is sooooo huge, but full of challenge and intrigue.  I highly recommend delving its depths if you ever get the chance.

Until next time, happy hunting!


P.S.  I think I'm going to start taking screenshots with fraps, the lotroclient seems to go to an extreme with compressing them.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dwarven Detour

I decided to catch up on the epic story before hitting Forochel too heavily, and this eventually brought me to the  Misty Mountains.  I didn't expect to enjoy this zone, but it has a lot of character despite being a collection of snowy peaks and valleys, so I have remained there killing goblins and snowbeasts.  I've been told that the questing here has some level gaps so I will return to Forochel once I happen upon one of those.

Knights of the White Lady has monthly Kinship meetings on Sunday evenings, and I was able to attend my first one this past weekend.  It isn't an extensive or rigid affair, a time to gather and enjoy new outfits, furniture in the kin house, discuss upcoming events, promote new members, and recognize particularly helpful folks.  I found that it's real value lies in the face to face (virtually :) ) connection that comes with all of us gathering in the same place just for the sake of it.  It is a bonding experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I'm off to collect legendary book pages and pick out an outfit for the Spring Festival!

Happy Hunting,


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aeldrin, Warden of Annuminas

Evendim was amazing!  Beautiful scenery, interesting content, intelligent quest progression, and very satisfying rewards made for one of the best leveling experiences I've ever had in an MMO.  I easily reached kindred with the Wardens of Annuminas, obtaining the title of the same, and had plenty of rep items left over to give to kinmates.  As my trait slots open up and my character customization and development progresses, I'm enjoying the loremaster more and more.  I've reached level 41, and I've unlocked the deeds to gain pages for my first legendary traits.

I still haven't spent much time actually playing with my fellow kinmates, though they continue to be a great group of people to chat with and get to know. I'm entering a level range with a lot of options and one in which I've noticed kinmates frequently have alts in, so I am determined to just break my solo/independent habits and just jump into something with a group soon.

On the leveling front, I plan on heading into Forochel.  From what I've gathered, it has solid solo leveling progression and pretty scenery. I enjoy both of these things.  Eregion will follow to wrap things up before I head into Moria, but I do have the Misty Mountains available for the next time my kin heads into Goblin Town for some group fun.

This is an exciting time for my character, quests are getting more epic (particularly the epic story quests huehue), and legendary traits and items are just around the corner!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Knights of the White Lady

Mae govannen interwebs!

I was accepted as a recruit into the Knights of the White Lady Kinship on the Landroval server in LOTRO today.  I'm excited to be giving LOTRO some serious effort and time and equally excited to get to know this group of people.

I also grabbed the Rise of Isengard expansion for half off today.  I know, how could I pass that up.  I will definitely be finishing up the Lone Lands and moving on into Evendim with my three days off this week.  I'm not sure where to head after that, but I'm sure my new Kin can help me out there.  I don't really feel the need to go VIP at this point as I have a lot of content unlocked from past years purchases and Turbine points to spare, so it looks like I can easily get all the way to 75 on the content I have.  I don't have any interest in PvMP, and not having rest xp isn't noticeable to me.

I'm focused on my Loremaster, Aeldrin, for the foreseeable future, but I went ahead and started a Captain, just so he could participate in festivals and maybe hang onto some crafting materials.  I'd probably be romping through Moria by now if not for the distraction of the anniversary festival, but I've had my fill of fireworks for a while.

Next time I promise screen shots and my first time impressions of the new and improved Evendim.

Happy hunting,