Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Festival of the White Lady

My Kinship holds a festival every year on Landroval, and this year's theme was Eowyn's Faire, celebrating strong women.  We marched in formation throughout Bree stopping at landmarks as our band performed and we danced and set off hundreds of fireworks.  The turnout was incredible and the enthusiasm and support from the community made for one of my favorite moments in gaming to date.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Newbie Blogger Initiative Final Challenge

I hopped onto the blogging horse due to the Newbie Blogger Initiative, but have not kept up with any of these challenges because truth be told, I didn’t notice them until today ><. However, this final challenge really sums up the spirit of the entire event.

Ravalation, Diary of a Gamer Girl - Currently covering Lotro, Swtor, and Mass Effect, which are wonderful choices, this blog is full of beautiful screenshots and entertaining commentary. Her appreciation of these games really comes through in her writing.

Gaming for Introverts – I’m more of a homebody than an introvert, but Pamela seems a kindred spirit. She is currently playing Diablo 3 and waiting for Guild Wars 2. She has a very rich writing style, and her perspective is genuine and relatable.

Horrible Ball of Fire – I’ve always enjoyed reading stories of Eve Online, and the tales of Hasugo Numani are getting better with each entry.

Please give these folks a read, and I'm including the full list of newbie bloggers after the break.