Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Festival of the White Lady

My Kinship holds a festival every year on Landroval, and this year's theme was Eowyn's Faire, celebrating strong women.  We marched in formation throughout Bree stopping at landmarks as our band performed and we danced and set off hundreds of fireworks.  The turnout was incredible and the enthusiasm and support from the community made for one of my favorite moments in gaming to date.

I've made some headway into Moria and it's just as beautiful as everyone said it would be.  I'm benefiting from the recent revamp so the questing has been very smooth and satisfying.  Legendary items are a fun new system that really make me feel more powerful.  I haven't found them to be to awfully grindy or complex yet, but this is of course, just the beginning.  Turbine recently released a beginner's guide to legendary items that can be found here.

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