Friday, August 23, 2013

Not So Long Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

My return to The Old Republic has been wonderful.  Bioware has done a great job polishing the experience and rounding out the edges of the free to play conversion.  There is a lot of negative blather on the internet about the game, but I've found the people that play it, of which there are a great many, have a positive outlook on the game, and enjoy their time there.

When I'd originally played SWTOR before, I'd spent most of my time as a Sith Juggernaut.  I left that character around level 40.  Instead of jumping back into a higher level character in the middle of a story I don't really remember, I decided to start a new character.  I settled on the Sith Sorcerer.  I always end up wanting to heal anyway so this seemed like a good investment.  It's been a great way of easing back into the game and the numerous changes that have been implemented since I left (Yay group finder!).  I'm also really enjoying the Inquisitor story.

Here is my Sorcerer Vharys Orun, apprentice to Darth Zash, in a typical epic moment.

I've also spent some time in warzones, SWTOR's isntanced PVP, doing daily and weekly missions.  I was surprised with how much I was enjoying healing in PVP and could see myself getting pretty serious about it at max level.  It's also a good source of XP.

I haven't abandoned Eve Online, but my previous declaration about joining a corp and moving to null sec fell through... because a little research revealed it to be a clever ploy to lure people out to 0.0 and seize their assets.  It sounds awful, but it's one of the wonderful unique things that can only happen in Eve.  It just so happens that my new found SWTOR guild also has an EVE Online division that I will be joining soon.  My space adventures will however, be taking a backseat to Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn, which launches, early access, at 4AM this very Saturday.  (HYPE!!!)

FFXI was my first MMO and I'm really impressed with the incredible job Square Enix has done in fixing this game.  Originally, it was a mess, but I've spent a lot of time in the Beta and I can assure you that this game, while nothing ground breaking, is a quality, polished, experience.  One that I will also be sharing with the same group of folks.

This is Kupapo, reborn in FFXIV.

It's nice to have so many quality worlds to play in right now, and equally nice to have so much free time to spend in them.

Happy Hunting!


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  1. Healing in PvP is great, I agree! I'm loving it myself on my Sorcerer. :)