Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Return to Space... and my blog

I recently lost a job that had kept me travelling, and since my financial future isn't in any immediate peril, I plan on enjoying the free time my new job affords me.

Eve Online's latest expansion, Odyssey, revamped exploration in some very significant ways.  It's both more accessible and more fully featured now.  I've had a lot of fun getting back into eve with these changes.

Minmatar ships being my vessels of choice I head out into the unknown piloting the well named "Probe" in search of lost riches.  The first step in becoming a wealthy explorer is getting learning to scan down these elusive sites.  The interface takes a little getting used to, but it does provide a great deal of information, like most of Eve.

Launching probes in a spread pattern and initially scanning a system will hopefully result in some of these red spheres, which indicate a signature of some kind that can be further investigated by consolidating your probes scan range.  Repeating the process increases the signal strength eventually telling you what kind of site it is, and a warpable signature.  I've found a lot of combat sites and wormholes, but I've been avoiding both for the time being, just focusing on relic and data sites, which contain structures you hack into to get your loot.

Using the appropriate module on these structures results in a hacking minigame, new with the Odyssey expansion, which involves clicking along a randomized grid to uncover and destroy the system core.  You may find barriers that block your path such as firewalls and antivirus nodes, but success is usually possible on the first pass.  A successful hack sees loot containers spewing out into space.  Most of them contain junk, but a few will usually hold something worth your time.  I've learned to cargo scan the structures before I hack them so I know what type of containers to shoot for when they spew into space and eventually disappear.  I've been having such a good time that I joined a corporation that rents some space in 0.0 so I can go exploring with the big boys and hopefully start making a lot more money.

Happy Hunting!



  1. Welcome back man and congrats on your new job!

    Totally off-topic: is it intentional that used links (e.g. the blogroll) and the dates of your posts are in black? That way they become invisible against the black background.

  2. Thanks on both accounts.

    Catching up on your blog has me updating Swtor as we speak btw.

    No that is not intentional and it is something I keep forgetting to fix ><

  3. Yay, links are readable again!

    Cool, that you might play SWTOR again, I somehow missed that you've been playing that. :D